“Mind, Body & Soul”

Hey readers! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break and ready to battle finals in a few weeks…. Time is flying so I thought this week I would talk about how to keep sane when you feel projects, texts and homework are piling up.

Mind- Don’t lose motivation! I know all I want to do is snuggle under a blanket and watch movies in my common room all day, but there’s always work to do especially towards the end of the semester.

Keep going if when work gets harder, just think about having a big assignment printed out in your hands and that rushing feeling of AWESOME.

Body- I know I am not the perfect example of eating healthy as you will see in the video below but it’s true “you are what you eat”. Try to take a study break and go to one of our awesome fitness classes like Zumba. Avoid the candy and sugar because like I did yesterday, you will just end up being really hyper and staring at your books all day, whoops! :O Head over to the SUB (Student Union Building) or the Dining Hall to take frequent snack/food breaks…

Ordinary Day at the SUB

Last but not least Soul- When you got the blues, are homesick or just lack motivation, try calling your family and friends. I know my mom’s voice helps me calm down in times of stress. A few days ago to relax I just layed face down with my eyes closed while listening to the whole Coldplay Mylo Xyloto album (my favorite!) Sure, I looked a little funny but the feeling of peace was so worth it!

Walk out and get some inspiration, on Tuesday I walked with a friend into the MPR and saw quilts for AIDS victims. These quilts had been sent in to an organization called the Names Project and were on display here, it was really inspirational and it showed how precious life really is.

AIDS Quilts

I hope this blog post inspired a lot of you to keep working hard. Keep reading every week and tell your friends to read also! I just learned yesterday, that my cousin from Canada reads my blog every week, hey Kimi! :) Follow my Twitter @NPBloggerPayal and stay tuned for next week’s blog.

Here is a little video blog action talking about how I tried to study early for finals…


3 thoughts on ““Mind, Body & Soul”

  1. Taking some time for yourself is always a good idea! I went to a Zumba class the other day and it definitely helped with my stress.