Finishing Up Strong!

December begins tomorrow. How crazy is that?

Never in my life has time gone by SO fast! Not complaining! But it’s crazy. This week and the past couple of weeks, I’ll describe in pictures. Things are coming to a close for the semester and although they’re a little stressful, all in all it’s good!

Just walking around campus on a sunny day!

Deyo’s Residents and Hall Government held an “RA Appreciation Day”, it was awesome and some of my residents made me this awesome sign that I hung up in my room!

Got to go home to Long Island for Thanksgiving – it was the best! It was so good seeing my best friends from home and being with my family. Here’s my house!

Here’s the Deyo Hall RA staff with our RD, Tatiana, after a staff meeting. We gave her a scrapbook for RD Appreciation Day, just like RA Appreciation Day!



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