All Coming Together

Hi Virtual Friends!

This week I secured an internship in the New Paltz Admissions office as an Admissions Assistant Intern for Spring 2013!

I am very excited to begin working next semester and gain new experiences. I really stress internships because they can help you solidify what you want to do when you graduate, build your resume’ and learn new interpersonal skills. Overall I would say it is a good investment and have no negative consequences!

This is the final week of classes! I am very excited to get home for winter break but there are a few things stopping me, FINALS.

All my textbooks for the semester! 


  • Work at Banana Republic at home
  • Visit my friends
  • Celebrate Christmas with my family
  • Go to NYC and see the tree
  • Train hard for indoor track/go to the gym
  • EAT and SLEEP a lot :)
  • Apply for summer internships

Random side-note:

This semester I really found my liking for makeup. I’ve been reading a lot of beauty blogs by Lauren Conrad and looking at make up pins on pintest (I’m addicted!) Here is a link I have saved in my favorites that I check daily. Hoping to get some new make up for Christmas :)

Until next time!!

-Amanda XOXO.


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