Winter Break is Almost Upon Us!!!

Hey everyone,

So the end is upon us!!! I have exactly 4 more days of classes and then the finals stress can commence! Finals are so intense you can feel it in the air while you are passing by other students on campus. Its like an aura of its own kind, if you believe in that kind of energy. It sounds like a terrible time but really it goes by so quickly and when you are all  finished and you walk out of your last final, the relief is so amazing you immediately forget all the hours of missed sleep, the hours of cramming and the gallons of coffee you drink. My best advice: Do not wait until the end of the semester to try and learn all of the material and try and do a semesters work of reading. Nothing really comes of it except maybe some hair loss.

What to avoid :P


This semester I haven’t really complained too much about being a commuter but today was a prime example of commuter problems! I actually left with plenty of time to get to class dare i even say extra time and then the following happens: There is a back road I have to take to get to the thruway and on this back road there is a one lane tunnel that is very tiny. There are signs posted at least a mile in advance warning large vehicles about the tunnel yet these big mac trucks insist they can fit but obviously can not. So I got stuck behind one of these individuals this morning and it took him 20 minutes to make a U turn thus making me late for my class. I was sitting so long I had time to take this picture for your viewing pleasure.


There is my complaint for the day. The fact I have to start some serious studying very soon isn’t a complaint yet because I am still in the denial stage. I am still slightly in denial that it is constantly cold now so I have no choice but to wear a winter coat everyday. I hate the winter and my future goal when I have my fabulous career is to move down south where winter does not exist and I can cash in my jackets and sweaters! I still can’t even believe we are so close to the Holidays already! I have done 0 holiday shopping and I just can’t see how I am going to fit it into my schedule! Holidays= Stressful! Time goes by way too quickly! Anyway that is all I got for this week!! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks as always for reading!



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