Last Week of Classes!

Hey readers! Good news! I survived the last full week of classes:D

This week went by super slow, because all my professors are still in a bit of denial about the end of the semester and rush through their notes.

At least I had fun this past weekend to make up for my hand cramping from taking a mountain of notes and typing papers. I received the opportunity to go to Birmingham University to see “Tamasha” which is their annual Indian Dance performance. Despite having some car trouble, it was lot of fun and I was super glad I got to go and relax before finals.

Weekend trip to Bing!

Really cool things are happening lately with the school. My suite-mates just ordered a cake from Hasbrouck Dining Hall. If you have leftover swipes, you can use them to get pizza, pies, cakes and cookies from the bakery located in the basement of the dining hall. 

Another awesome thing is this new 24/7 vending machine located outside the student union. At last! Something to satisfy college student’s late night cravings. Its got all sorts of things from Pringles to Cookie Dough :)

New Vending Machine!

Remember the semester is almost up, don’t give up! Next week I will put up a bunch of study tips and a final survival guide, until then keep following me on Twitter @NPBloggerPayal. What are you looking forward to this Winter Break? Let me know in the comments section below:) 

This will serve as good motivation… it was also my t-shirt design for Emerging Leaders! .

One thought on “Last Week of Classes!

  1. Over break, I can’t wait to watch some tv shows and plan things for hall gov next semester! Good luck on finals, NP Blogger Payal!