Note to Future Self #18: Work hard, then play.

This is it. Finals are coming. Just over the horizon, so close yet so distant. Can I push off the inevitable? Can I create a perpetual space at SUNY New Paltz, where I can relax with my friends without the fear of tests, exams, and overly-weighted grades? I love the few days before finals, the ones where people decide they can study the next day, that this is their time to relax before the dark storm looms and breaks over us like a tumultuous wave. As most of my finals are essays, or tests I can hardly study for, I enjoy the vast space of the week to engage in my school work at my own pace and enjoy the bliss.

However, the week before finals week is a nightmare, every year. There is always at least two or three essays due at the end of the semester. Last semester, I had approximately one essay per class due in the last week or so before finals (five classes, oh boy); this semester is only two, but I need to stay on top of my thesis, my internship work, and a revision of an elections project due at the end of finals week. The week before, needless to say, I was stressed. This week, with those two essays done, twenty pages or so of my thesis complete, and the SCENE reaching its near-completed state, I just know to keep chugging along, and to get away from my work every once in a while.

This weekend, after finishing my Creative Nonfiction portfolio and my English Lit II essay, I went on a trip to the Palisades Mall, sponsored by RHSA, to finish holiday shopping and reward myself with a few new garments and trinkets of my own. I spoiled myself with a time turner (one of those boxed Barnes and Nobles ones), Hot Topic pants, thick purple tights, nude tights, bronzer, and an awesome birthday outfit for my 21st! My friend who came with me picked out the dress, and once I tried it on, I knew it would be the one. I am so excited for the end of the year when I get to wear it (my birthday is on the 19th). The treat was well worth it, even if my bank account slightly suffered. I made it up with some internship hours.

Now, I have no more classes, and a full weekend to finish the first SCENE issue (the big doozy is finding out info on hires and retires), and my revision paper for Campaigns and Elections. Good luck to me.

But I’ll get through it. I know I will. At the end of the day, you will get the work done. If you just always remember that school comes first, that your education is important and sometimes not too bad (maybe, sometimes, even fun), you will know when to crack down on your work. Even if you feel completely sleep-deprived and strained, there will always be a break, some sort of break, around the bend.

This break will be spent finishing my senior thesis, tightening up the final loose ends of the first SCENE newsletter, sending out publications, and RELAXING. I am so pumped to not need to feel pumped. Hope you are too, and I will see you next year!

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