Happy Holidays Cyberland!

Hi Cyberland :)

The semester is almost over and it’s time for some reflection.  I can’t believe it’s already mid-December (speaking of which, Happy Birthday to my little brother Alex!)

I am so thankful for New Paltz.  I have learned a great wealth both inside and outside those classrooms.

I already miss these sunsets.

The semester was definitely a busy one, but it was a blast.  My days were full, but I made sure to take time for myself.  College Tip: Make sure you do something nice for yourself everyday, even if its just wearing your favorite pair of earrings!   I have found that after 7 semesters, I still think New Paltz is beautiful!

I am so gratefull for all the gorgeous sunsets.  I loved going for runs and stopping through town.

Rachel leading the way!

Rachel leading the way!


This weekend, I went for an amazing run with my friend Rachel.  She runs cross country for New Paltz and knows the best trails!  I never knew I could, but I ran over 6 miles! I was proud I was able to keep up with her and she of course slowed the pace for me a bit ;)  We trailed through town and the mountains near by.  I saw a few farms, horses, endless fields, and even a gorgeous gatehouse.

The Beautiful Horses

This week was also full of final papers, projects, and presentations (oh my).  I’m almost done with finals (thankfully).  I loved working on my final photography portfolio.  The Constructed Image was a challenging course, but it never felt like work. :) Here’s one of the pictures from my final portrait assignment.  Thanks to Anisa for being such a wonderful model.

I really enjoyed blogging this semester.  Thank you for reading :) If you have any suggestins or questions for next semester please leave me a comment!  Have a wonderful break!

Happy Holidays <3

Marissa :)

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