Note to Future Self #19: Make the most of the present.

Biggest Regret: Not doing more during my last winter break EVER.

Like, I should have traveled abroad, or at least went somewhere outside of the tri-state area during the month off. Nope, I sat on my butt. I mean, I had to finish my thesis rough draft, so I guess I wasn’t 627240_4551839031772_1871822266_ocompletely free to do whatever, but I took such a slow time to write about 25 pages, and I definitely spent a bit too much time on Youtube and Tumblr and playing with my Kindle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the relaxation I could afford, and I had a great time with my friends (two of my long-time BFFs, Faith and Loren, are pictured to the left with me; we were ice skating).

Oh, right, I am very much looking forward to using my Kindle Fire HD around campus. My phone does not have a data plan, so while everyone is e-mailing/facebooking/tweeting while walking to classes, I just twiddle my thumbs, check my texts, and find something to read. Now I’m all connected to the beautiful, wireless world, wherever I go on campus. There is wifi across the campus, even outside between buildings! I can download readings to my tablet instead of printing out for class (well, ideally; most of my teachers do not want any electronic devices in class), I can tweet on the go (I really do not see the point of tweeting on a laptop in your room. I mean, what are you doing that is so awesome to tweet about in front of a computer?), and receive all the Facebook and e-mail updates I please. Already the portable device has sped up my day; e-mail updates I would normally check before leaving the room are now with me wherever I go. Which also means I do not waste time in the morning on Facebook and Tumblr. I just do that while I eat breakfast or lunch.

I am also incredibly excited about my schedule. I have a ton of classes on Monday but… that’s pretty much it. I start my week with 9:25 – 12:05 Honors Seminar (which should be pretty interesting; I’ll talk about it next week), followed by a 1:40 – 2:55 Craft of Dramatic Writing and 3:05 – 4:20 Graphic Literature course. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I spend all day at the union office, Thursdays I repeat my Monday afternoon courses, and Fridays I am free. Crossing my fingers I make the most of my time, relax when I need to, and enjoy my last semester at New Paltz. Now that I am 21, I can get into nightlife venues, and it’s not all about the alcohol. For example, Oasis is only available to 18+ on Tuesday nights, but they feature bands over the weekend, too. I will definitely see Year on a Mountain and Upstate Rubdown play more often.

It's like I have Instagram. But I don't.

It’s like I have Instagram. But I don’t.

I also need to spend as much time as possible with friends while I am still in such close proximity to them. Speaking of which, I am going to head out now for Family Dinner. That’s the type of friends you have, that you’re comfortable calling them a family. I love New Paltz. I don’t want to leave!

Ciao! This semester I’ll definitely tweet more, so follow me on Twitter @NPBloggerJaime! And comment back. And stuff. Yeah.

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