Welcome Back!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

I hope everybody had an enjoyable winter break! I know for me and I’m sure for many others it went by way to fast!! After Christmas I went down to Florida with my Fiance and his brother to visit some of his family and escape the cold weather. It was relaxing to have a change of scenery for 3 weeks.

I am calling this semester the waiting game. I submitted all of my graduate school applications before I went away so now all I have to do is wait. My future is in the hands of the admissions gods right now. It is a little nerve wracking not knowing where I am going to be next year. While you are completing your 4 years of undergrad you always have comfort in knowing where you will be each fall. The best advice I can give is when your undergrad is coming to an end make sure you plan, plan and plan and then have a backup plan. This way if your original plan doesn’t work out you aren’t lost.

So my last first week of undergrad is almost complete. I am very happy with my classes because one I get to observe speech language pathologist in various settings like the hospital, rehab centers, nursing homes, preschools etc. My other big class is my senior capstone which I am really excited because we get to work in the speech clinic on campus. I am also completing the final ASL class and taking a speech science class. All the professors I have this semester I have had in previous semesters. That is always nice because the professors already know you and you get to progress with them through your studies.

Well it is only the first week so that is all I have for now! Good luck to everyone with their first week of classes! Stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading


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