Welcome baaaaack!

Hey Everyone!

Hope this message finds you readers well! Hard to believe that winter break has already passed and we at New Paltz are now two weeks into the spring semester!

When I first got back to New Paltz, we got hit with snow. I’m not a huge fan of snow (I love the warm weather and the beach myself), but I have to admit, it really is pretty…


What else is new? Well, I ended the semester well and landed myself a spot on the Dean’s List, which is always exciting! I also recently applied for Psi Chi, the national honor society for Psychology (http://nppsichi.blogspot.com). Speaking of Psychology, I am involved in another organization which I haven’t gotten to speak too much about, called Oasis/Haven (https://www.facebook.com/OasisHavenCenter?fref=ts).

At Oasis, I volunteer as a Peer Counselor – helping college students through the hard times they may have. It is a wonderful opportunity and if you did want to get involved, you must interview for a class called Crisis Intervention (PSY330). It was if not the best, one of the best classes I’ve taken here – I learned so much, so fast! It made me further realize that I want to go into Counseling.

Anyway, for this post, I’m going to list the 5 things I am MOST excited about for this upcoming semester.

1. I got an opportunity in December to interview for the Student Ambassador position – and I got it! A Student Ambassador is an on campus tour guide. I host families once a week and bring them all around campus. I just gave my first tour today and I know I’m going to love it!

2. My classes! My classes are great this semester! I will talk about them more in my next blog, but I am really excited for the way my schedule got planned this semester.

3. Epic-Glee’s Invitational! This semester, my performing group, Epic-Glee is inviting a few other show choirs around the northeast to perform in our inviational show. It should definitely be a good time! Will post more about this as we get closer to it, in April (only 2 months!)

4. Spring Break! Not only is Spring Break a week off from school, but my family and I are also going to Puerto Rico. So excited!

5. WARM WEATHER - I love the warm weather and can’t wait to be able to go outside and enjoy it. My favorite season is Summer and I can’t wait to get closer to it – I have my camp job and a whole ton more. New Paltz is beautiful at this time of year, but I’m just waiting for it to warm up…here is the sunset from my room:


Of course, my RA job brings a ton of exciting things as well and I hope to have some more amazing things to write about that soon! This weekend I’m attending an RA conference, it should be a really great experience.

Thank you for reading! More to come soon!



One thought on “Welcome baaaaack!

  1. Yay new semester!!! I am also extremely excited for Epic-Glee’s first ever invitational :D Spring weather will be much appreciated when it comes, keep warm!