Snowy Spring Semester Start!!

Welcome back everyone!!! I hope you all had an awesome break, I sure did:)

But now, it’s time to start off a new semester, there are soooo many things that I have in store for this semester. First, I am applying to be an R.A so I will document every step I take when the application deadline become closer. I also applying to study abroad in Ecuador this summer! So tons of application but I will make sure you all know the steps I am taking just in case you are interested in study abroad also.

The first two weeks have been a little strange and I am not just talking about the weather. Even though one day it snows and the next day its sunny, global warming much? I like my classes, I am only taking 14 credits but it’s so I can manage my time better. Spanish Literature is almost impossible, this week we read pretty much ancient Spanish text and it took me 3 hours to do my homework!


I took this on the way to class!

The most recent thing I am doing is running for Hall Gov president! I am currently Public Relations Rep but since our presidents left, it’s my time to shine. Our election was supposed to be today, but got moved to next week. I will let you know next week what happens in detail! For now, try to keep warm in all of this wacky weather and try to stay on top of your classes and countdown the days until Spring Break hahaha


I know it’s silly but why not?!

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