Hey everyone!

There is something I want to share with everyone this week. Obviously health and fitness is very in right now and many people in this country are concerned with losing weight and eating healthy. I have had many failed attempts in the past not necessarily to lose weight to be an overall healthier person. I never realized why all my attempts failed and left me starving and unfulfilled. Then I came across this documentary. Its called Hungry for Change. You can find it on netflix or probably YouTube also. I highly recommend for everyone to watch it! It changed my life and completely changed the way I eat and I have to say after a few weeks, the results are amazing. You all around feel better, have more energy and the fit body is just an excellent benefit. I won’t go into the whole summary of the documentary but definitely watch and learn from it! This can help teach you how to eat well whether you live on campus or you are a commuter. Being a commuter and working I am always on the run and I am at New Paltz every day so it was hard for me to work healthy eating habits into my schedule but now I know it is possible. They also have a website! Here it is:

So this week I also have some sad news. My poor computer who almost saw me through my whole college career is dead. The hard drive crashed and it is just more expensive to fix then it is worth. I tell you this because as any college student would know, when your computer dies you enter a bit of panic. I know the college provides computers however again since I commute I can’t be on campus until all hours of the night so my own computer is essential. So the exciting part of the story is I wound up getting a Mac which I am really excited about! It is a little bit of a challenge because I am used to windows but it is fun to learn something new and now I don’t have to panic about not being able to do my assignments. :)

My Fiance and I have been wanting to get a dog but realized that our schedules are just too busy and it wouldn’t be fair for the dog. So instead we settled for dog sitting for our friend. I was really hoping that dog sitting would rid my system of the temptation to get a dog but it did the opposite. I had forgotten how much happiness a dog can bring to a house and how much it really lifts your spirits. Also it makes you feel like you are never truly alone. Sadly we are still going to resist because with graduate school coming up next year I am not sure where I will be. As soon as I have my career and future job in two years a dog will definitely be my first order of business. :) Below is a picture of my friends dog! His name is Dutch :) :)


That’s basically all I have for this week! Its only the second week of classes so we are still getting acclimated to the classes and course work :)

Thanks as always for reading!!



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