Study Abroad and other Shenanigans :)


I am Hall Gov President! I worked really hard on my campaign which including putting up flyers and making a small speech. It was such a tight race (I only won by 2 votes!) I am so excited to work with all the new members and stay friends with the old ones, our goal is to win Hall of the Semester:)

Anyways this week I want to focus on something I took forever deciding on, but I have finally choose to study abroad this summer in Ecuador! So I wanted to take this week’s blog post to talk about the application process. (Our school has a huge percentage of study abroad students by the way)

My potential school in Ecuador for this summer!

My potential school in Ecuador for this summer!

Tips for getting started with Study Abroad,

1) Go to the school’s study abroad website. Fun fact! Because SUNY New Paltz is a part of the SUNY system, if you don’t like the programs through the school  you can go with another SUNY school’s program.

2)Browse the programs. For me, I knew I wanted a short-term program because I get home-sick quick. I also wanted to go to South America to make use of my Spanish minor.

3) Go to this house! The Center for International Program has study abroad advisers that will help you either by appointment or during advising hours. They helped me get started on the application and on a scholarship search.

Center for International Programs

Center for International Programs

I really hope I get accepted into the program I want in Ecuador, I will let you know when I receive information back. For now, stay safe in the Blizzard approaching this weekend and let me know what things you are applying for this semester in the comments section below!


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