A week in the life.

Hey Readers,

Hope this post finds you warm (and well!). We are only a week away from March and I couldn’t be more excited! This week, I am going to go through ‘a week in the life’, of me, and I hope you enjoy it! Here we go…

Monday: I was home this past weekend and got to see my family and some of my friends, and here is my dog! Her name is Baylee, she’s the best!


Tuesday: I came back to New Paltz this day and watched this amazing video in my Sociology class–it was so meaningful, and a bit harsh along the way; kind of a wake up call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf2LB0IG1xo

Wednesday: Was my day off! But I had a ton of things to do. I had a big test to study for and a lot of work to catch up on. But, I did have time for a break at my favorite New Paltz restaurant, Main Street Bistro! Here is a picture of my favorite dish, Salmon Hash (yummmmmmmmmmmm)


Thursday: I gave my weekly tour today and had Crime and Society, Sociology and Research. On my way back, I passed my favorite view on campus…and here’s a picture from that:


Friday: …to be announced!

Hope you all enjoy your weekends and are looking forward to the warm weather as much as I am :)


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