Fun and Nutrition

Hi Friends!

This weekend I got to go see the Millrose Games in NYC. Here is a photo of my view of the games. For those of you who don’t know what the Millrose games are, its a professional and high school meet for talented individuals. It is VERY exciting to watch if you are involved in the sport of track.

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What I wanted to talk about in this post is nutrition and how to schedule meals around your  classes. Waking up at least 1 hour before your classes begin is essential, it gives you time to go to either the dining hall or the student union. Now you may ask, what is a good breakfast? I would suggest a bit of protein and carbs. For example, a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, tasty and filling! If you are going to have a cup of coffee, make sure to have a bottle of water after to keep you hydrated.


If your schedule is similar to mine, you don’t have a lunch break. MAKE SURE to carry a snack with you to keep you through the day. I prefer nature valley bars or granola bars. It is really important to keep hydrated and have snacks to keep you energized and power you through an afternoon workout!

Now, my favorite meal of the day, dinner! A mix of everything is a good way to go about it. A salad with a hard boiled egg, carrots and cucumbers. Some pasta for carbs, meat or hummus for protein and water.  I love my dessert as well so having a cookie or two is never a bad thing :)

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Thanks for reading everyone, I will post more information next week.


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