SO, you’re a first year student. What to do?

Hey Readers!

Today starts our Spring Break! I can’t wait to head home and see my family and some of my friends who are home. It’s crazy how fast time is going! Yesterday, I gave my weekly tour, and it made me think of things that I would want to tell any first-year student coming into New Paltz. With that said, here’s that list…

  1. Go out of your residence hall! There is an amazing world out there and you need to experience it! You were attracted to your college for something besides the academics. New Paltz is in a beautiful location. One of the easiest ways to meet people, for me, was being outside—and being social. Remember all freshmen are going through the same thing!
  2. Do not be afraid to try new things (or continue with your passion)! All throughout high school, I was involved with the performing arts—and that did not stop once I arrived at New Paltz. I decided to audition for the “Epic-Glee” club; one of the best decisions I have made! Also explore some clubs inside your major! As a counseling psychology major, I joined my school’s crisis hotline—a great way to get some hands on experience!
  3. Explore some majors and minors! This is the time to figure out what you would want to be. But do not stress! You have a couple of years to figure it out.
  4. Most importantly, find a good balance. College is all about time management. Make time for sleep, homework, studying and relaxing; but also make time for seeing your friends and having fun. Getting to know new people and making new friends is as important as anything else.

If you follow these rules, you will have a wonderful adjustment to college life—whether you’re in New York, Alaska or California! Remember to keep in touch with all of your family and friends from home. You would not be here without them! Remember to enjoy yourself and to remain optimistic. Here’s a quote to leave you with. My uncle once told me, “It is not your circumstances that affects your attitude—it’s your attitude that affects your circumstances”. Remain positive and best of luck!


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