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This week had a very rough start for me.  I was sick and had two presentations, a photo critic, and work to do for my senior thesis. (I have to present it on the 30th! what? almost there!)

I think this picture accurately describes how I felt…

memes are all over facebook...

memes are all over facebook…

Sure enough, I got through it!  College can get stressful, but always remember those rough patches have an end! I went to the library to do my work, it really helped.   outsideI love the library.  Yes, I said it.  I have such a hard time focusing on my work when I am in my hall, so the library is the perfect spot for me.  It also motivates me to work faster.  As much as I love the place, I don’t want to spend my entire day there :P It’s open from 8am (earlybirds) to around 11:30pm.  If anyone is a night owl there’s a late night study room open all night!

Here are the results from my panorama Critic in my Photography class! I shared my best friends love for dance (THANKS JAZZ!!!) I had to size them pretty small to work on the webpage, so they aren’t the best quality – enjoy :P Pan1PrintreadyparkerBlog



quote to leave you with :)

This inspired me to push through this week :) phew I made it! enjoy!

This inspired me to push through this week :) phew I made it!

<3 Marissa Lynn

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