The Grind

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a hectic week with what’s been going on in the news. But putting that aside, the semester is winding down and its time to get into the grind. Finals are approaching (in my case, final papers… and a lot of them). It is important to stay on your game without being sucked in. Make sure to have time set aside for all the tasks you need to complete. But don’t punish yourself if everything isn’t perfect. Take a break and go out with friends. There will always be time to finish assignments if you’ve planned ahead.

164917_2520229569847_1482797288_nGood friends and good fun :)

This weekend I will be traveling to Moravian College in PA for my second track meet of the season. I am looking forward to racing the 1500m and 800m. My time previously was 4:58 and I am looking to lower that as much as possible! For those of you who do not know what a 1500 is, it is 100m short of a mile (one straightaway on a track). If you want your mile conversion from your 1500m time, add an additional 15-20 seconds.



Now that the year is coming to an end as well, I have to say I highly recommend becoming a New Paltz blogger. It is extremely rewarding and a experience I really enjoyed. I have a timeline of blogs to look back to about my junior year journey and hopefully helped recruit incoming freshmen to New Paltz. So for any prospective students out there, become a blogger, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and enjoy doing it. Blogging is a new hobby I picked up this year and it can be relaxing as well. But for now, I still have a few weeks and a few more experiences to blog!



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