Hey Everyone!

SPRING IS HERE! I can’t believe were almost done! This week sparks the last week of classes and things are flying by. I’m so excited for this summer too – I’ll be back at my summer camp – my 16th summer there – I’ve gone from camper to head counselor and now assist with of supervisor-type activities. It’s really an amazing place, here is the link about that: http://www.miyjcc.org/Camp/Index.cfm

There is only a week and a half till my Sophomore year is over! I’m still shocked that it went so fast. Looking back, this year has been incredible and I am so happy where I am and all that I have to look forward to. Just wanted to pop in – my next post will contain a ton of pictures but for now, I want to leave you with a quote that reminds me why I picked New Paltz and why I love it here: “You’d rather be a big fish, in a small pond, than a small fish, in a big pond”.

I always say it on my tours and it makes so much sense when you think of this school – with its size, possibilities are endless. Hope that could inspire you!

What are you all excited for with Summer near? Comment and let me know!


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