There’s a first and a last time for everything

Hey everyone!

It just hit me today how little time I have left until the end of the semester! It hit me when I thought I had weeks to complete projects, papers etc then I looked at a calendar and realized next week was Thanksgiving break and the semester will be ending in just a few short weeks after that! One thing I have to say about this semester is it flew by faster than any other semester! I did register for my spring classes this week! I am a little nostalgic because it will be the last time I ever register for classes in my undergraduate career! It is a crazy feeling to see all your hard work and look back at all the classes you have completed and see it come to an end. A tip to incoming freshman: Enjoy every moment of your college days because they will be over faster than they started and then its off to the real world of working :X Also registering for classes is a process you will have to do every semester so one thing I have learned after stressing and stressing is you will most likely never get the exact schedule you want so make alternative schedules that way you aren’t disappointed. Also its important to remember you may also not get the exact classes you want but trust me, you will graduate on time and you will  get the classes you need in the four years. At New Paltz you are given a time assignment based on the number of credits you have and your status i.e senior, junior etc. So you will get your chance to have the number one time slot :)

In the spirit of finals and college here are some e cards……

And one more just because graduate school is all I am currently thinking about at the moment :

By this time next week I will have taken my GRE exam to get into graduate school so fingers crossed! Just when you thought you were done with standardized tests after the SAT. Just Kidding. I am really looking forward to this next phase in my life and starting a new journey. Even if you are just starting college it is never to early to plan for your future.

Enough of me trying to be inspirational. As I posted last time, I am in the process of learning a second instrument (the flute). I must say it is going pretty well and I am really enjoying it. If you already play one instrument it is a lot easier to pick up another because you already know how to read music which is half the battle.

This weekend I am looking forward to have a pre Thanksgiving dinner with friends since most people are busy with their families on the day of Thanksgiving. Its nice to have holiday celebrations with friends also. And it’s an excuse to do more eating and celebrating. Extend the experience yano? Pictures of that to come on next weeks blog!

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